Father's Day

This is a picture of the Father's Day cards we made in my classroom this year. The tie is a multi-page story about dad. There are six pages to the tie with some cute responses about dad: What is your favorite memory with him, what does his hair look like, how tall is he etc. There is also a page for a picture of your student with their dad. That page can either be a colored picture or a photograph. I always like to see the kids illustrations. They are delightful along with the written responses. These cards are sure to be keepsakes for years. You can find the templates and instructions to these cute cards on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. The link is here: Fathers-Day-TIE-SHIRT-Card.



  1. I have had great feedback from my parents on this card. Dads have loved them (this has come from several moms - so I imagine they loved them as well.) The kids have really enjoyed giving them to their dads. They were excited to "HIDE" them from dad until the big day was here.