Phonics Practice Cards

Here are some VERY VALUABLE practice charts I created for use in my classroom this year. My kids used these in our guided reading groups. Each child would place their finger on the letter combination. We would practice each of the sounds twice (together) and then name the picture. This was a FANTASTIC visual for my kids. I notice a huge increase in their memory of the vowel combinations and the word endings when we would read. I would attribute the use of these charts to improvement in my students MAP scores. WOW!!! I hope you find them as valuable as I have found them. ENJOY!! You can find these on my TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS Site. Check this link: Phonics (Practice Charts)

It was like MUSIC TO MY EARS to hear the kids practice with these charts.
1. Print the charts on card stock
2. Laminate
3. Practice

We would practice one chart a day at the beginning of our guided reading group. It would take less than two minutes and is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. After practicing the kids would hand the charts back to me and we would be off to the next task. Sometimes we would take turns reading individual rows or have a child go through the entire chart once they master the sound and picture. They LOVED showing me they could do this. I was proud every day and it paid off.

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