Money Sorts

This is one of the money sorts I have created for the classroom. This can be used from kindergarten to second grade. You can adapt the coins you are learning to the specific needs of your classroom. In my kindergarten class we work with penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. I have the half dollar and dollar sorts for differentiated instruction for more advanced students. They love the challenge.  This collection of money sorts can be found on my TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS site. Check this link to find this super idea for a math center: Money Sorts

1. Print out the sort pages on card stock.  (Print one set for each student if you are using whole group) or a smaller number if you are going to use these in math centers.
2. Laminate the sets
3. Cut out the sets and store in labeled baggies/envelopes

I have my students use these in math centers and they have been great. These sort cards reinforce several different ways to recognize money. My kids really enjoyed these.

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